Calgary, Alberta
        (403) 402-7844      stubarn@gmail.com     Twitter:@barnardstuart


  • Website Coordinating: Experience with over 12 projects building new websites, redeveloping existing sites, or facilitating website updates; coordinated client, developer, and designer demands to foster collaborative environment and satisfy conflicting needs
  • Communication: PhD in History with extensive expertise in research, communicating results in writing or orally for academic and public audiences; skilled editor; published in academic and informal forums; comfortable and engaging public speaker with over 100 hours of undergraduate lecturing experience
  • Interpersonal: Collaborative, empathetic, and energetic candidate, committed to building long-term relationships through clear communication and professionalism; experienced networker and community-builder


Webmaster | 2014 – present
Canadian Society of Church History – www.csch-sche.ca

  • Advise organization’s executive committee about online needs
  • Redesign www.csch-sche.ca website on WordPress.com, purchasing domain name, and customizing WordPress theme
  • Maintain site with professionalism and attention to detail in updates, in collaboration with organization executive

Web Redevelopment Coordinator and Content Manager | 2013 – present
Department of History, University of Calgary

  • Evaluate department’s needs for updating the style and content of key programs’ pages
  • Advise faculty and administrators in hiring graphic designer and web developer
  • Liaise with external funding body, and report to key stakeholders on challenges and team performance, including budgetary limitations and deadlines

Website Development and Content Manager | 2013 – present
Latin American Research Centre (LARC); Department of History, University of Calgary

  • Manage content and adjust CSS to meet University guidelines
  • Initiated major redevelopment of LARC website in February 2016 to update style, layout, content, and media for May 2016 launch
  • Communicate limitations of current branding and CSS restrictions to Director to achieve best outcomes, offering creative alternatives within this scope

Royal Bank of Canada Bodleian Libraries Visiting Fellow | January – March 2015
Centre for the Study of the Book, Bodleian Library, Oxford University, UK

  • Examined archival historical records towards completing a larger project, collaborating with archivists and librarians
  • Communicated key research findings in an energetic, accessible manner to library, university, and corporate stakeholders
  • Participated in EEBO-TCP Hackfest, contributing to a digital project mapping early-modern publishers and booksellers in St. Paul’s Churchyard, London

History Instructor | 2013 – 2015
University of Calgary; University of Lethbridge

  • Planned, researched, wrote, and delivered lectures for 3 university undergraduate History courses
  • Developed assessments and evaluating students’  communication and critical thinking performances
  • Facilitated engaging and professional class environment through discussions and lectures

Web Developer | 2013 – 2014
James Diego Thomson Project – jamesdiegothomson.com

  • Designed and created a custom website, responding to the needs of the principal researcher
  • Organized content to communicate historical material in an appealing, engaging manner
  • Used Photoshop to customize selected software template (Squarespace)

Teaching Assistant | 2008 – 2014
University of Calgary

  • Communicated with students and professors to maintain clarity in assignments and lecture materials
  • Organized library information sessions and group skills sessions to facilitate student learning
  • Collaborated with teams of Teaching Assistants to provide assistance and advice to History classes ranging in size from 40 to 300 students

Michael-Smith Stipendiary Foreign Research | April – August 2012
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), Cambridge University, UK

  • Analyzed historical artefacts and interpreted documentary evidence
  • Organized and catalogued key historical documents using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, Dropbox, and Zotero


Doctor of Philosophy in History | 2010 – April 2016
University of Calgary

Master of Arts in History | 2008 – 2010
University of Calgary

Bachelor of Arts in History | 2001 – 2008
University of Lethbridge


  • Project Management: Successfully managed a multiple-year, multiple-phase project from design, fund development, execution, and troubleshooting through to completion, on time and budget; academic conference organizer, managing sessions for annual meetings of up to several hundred people, arranged applications in submission for funding
  • Volunteer Service: Graduate student representative for national academic society; Communications Coordinator for University of Calgary’s Graduate Student Association; engaged in local community activities and organizations


  • Sports: soccer (local men’s league participant); tennis; squash; running;
  • Computers and Technology: innovations; trends; communications
  • Culture: travel (Britain and continental Europe); music (guitar); art; reading;