Web Development

Working with Open Source CMS platforms, I build, redevelop, and maintain websites.

I aim to merge my study of publishing with the communication of research. I like collaborating, and I seek out opportunities to help scholars, friends, small-businesses, non-profits, and individuals tell the world about what they’re into. Academic scholars, especially the historians I’ve worked with, have incredible stories to share, and they’ve done such hard work to discover these stories. Too often, however, these stories are buried in closed-off repositories, obfuscated by jargon, or limited in their reach because of the limitations of the paper and pen.

The Internet provides an opportunity to communicate our ideas to the world in remarkable ways. Not unlike the technological developments in material print and publishing, new tools and new processes have blown open the ways that we can share our ideas and our work.

Open Source publishing platforms, especially WordPress, allow researchers to reach a wider audience with their stories without the restrictions or conflicts that can be caused through proprietary models. In this vein, I’m also an advocate of Open Access publishing which ensures that world-changing research is not hidden behind extraordinarily expensive paywalls.

I hope to develop my skills in front-end development, working with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and PHP to help researchers, including myself, better communicate the stories we have to tell.

I’ll update this page soon with a list of sites I’ve built and projects I’ve worked on.